The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the world’s most significant economic and political powers providing a dynamic but stable and pleasant environment in which to live, work and study.


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Countryside and Leisure


Culture and Sport


The United Kingdom has a long tradition of multi-culturalism, embracing people of many nationalities and respecting diverse cultures from all corners of the globe.  Its free press and liberal approach combined with a mature political and legal system ensure equality for all and provide the opportunity to live life to the full.

The United Kingdom offers a unique variety of lifestyle and culture ranging from the cosmopolitan fast-moving environment in London to the relaxing tranquility of its beautiful countryside and coast.

The many advantages of the United Kingdom include:

  • Life in a major economic, financial and cultural centre
  • Speaking the global language of business, English
  • An entrepreneurial country that welcomes new and existing businesses from all over the world
  • A time zone placing it at the heart of global commerce straddling the US, Middle East and Asian business days
  • Easy access to other major business hubs and financial centres
  • A stable and democratic political system as well as a respected legal system
  • An secure system of property ownership

 and robust infrastructure
  • The opportunity to attend highly respected educational institutions
  • Attractive tax planning options for non-domiciled residents
  • Free NHS healthcare and world-renowned medical specialists